The day-to-day management of the Aarhus School of Architecture is the responsibility of the School’s Rector, who has the overall responsibility for the school’s activities.

The Rector is assisted by the Prorector.

The Director of Administration refers to the Rector and is responsible for the management of the school’s technical administrative staff. The Director of Administration also assists and advises the Rectorate on legal, financial and administrative matters.

The School Board

The School Board is the highest body of the school; the majority of its members are external representatives. The board consists of nine people, whereof five are appointed by the Danish Minister of Education, including the chairman and vice chairman. One representative of the academic staff, one representative of the administrative staff and two students are elected internally at the School.

The School Board is responsible for the totality of the school’s activities; the board’s purpose is to promote the school’s strategic work and look after its interests as an institution of artistic teaching and research.

Upon the recommendation of the Rector, the School Board lays down guidelines for the institution’s organization, long-term activities and development. The School Board has the power to appoint and dismiss rectors.

Boards, councils and committees

Internal academic discussions are located in The Academic Advisory Council, consisting of Rector (an ex-officio member), four members from the academic staff, a representative for the School’s students, as well as an observer for the administrative staff. The objective of the council is to advise the Rector on academic matters and be heard on matters pertaining to the School’s general interests as an artistic teaching and research institution.

The Study Board is responsible to the Rector for the academic level of teaching, and for its organisation and implementation in accordance with the regulations currently in force.

The Research Committee is responsible for developing and implementing the school’s research strategy, for drawing up proposals for rules and procedures for the school’s research, as well as for coordinating the school’s research activities on behalf of the Rector. 

Joint corps of external examiners

The school has a joint corps of external examiners. The corps is run in collaboration with Kolding School of Design and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation.

Organisational chart

Here you will find an organisational chart of the school.