The Research Committee

The Research Committee consists of a chairman and four members who are appointed from among the members of the school’s staff who are qualified to carry out research. They are appointed to represent the various research practices on the school and to take strategic perspectives and subject areas into consideration.

One representative of the school’s PhD students is also on the committee. And the students can choose an observer with the right to speak in The Research Committee.

The responsibilities of the Research Committee

a. Strategic

It is the responsibility of The Research Committee to advise the Rector on the research and development activities of the Aarhus School of Architecture, including artistic development projects.

The Research Committee is also charged with making recommendations to the School’s rector on the research strategy of the Aarhus School of Architecture, including, among other things, laying down the framework for political issues concerned with research, recruitment, network building, dissemination as well as academic requirements for research and artistic development projects.

b. Economic

The Research Committee is tasked with formulating overall academic criteria for granting support to research and development projects and help assess applications for financial support for large-scale projects that typically span several semesters.

Finally, it is the obligation of The Research Committee to assess research results and statistics and suggest possible follow-up actions.

c. Political

The Research Committee must maintain a dialogue with political decision-makers about the conditions of research at the Aarhus School of Architecture.

The Research Committee takes part in an ongoing dialogue with The Study Board on issues relevant to teaching and research at the school.

Current members of the Research Committee

Research Committee meetings

Minutes from the Research Committee meetings can be retrieved from Research Coordinator Hanne Gjelstrup.