Library regulations

The Library at the Aarhus School of Architecture is a public research library. All permanent residents of Denmark, as well as foreign nationals in possession of a student ID card for a Danish institution of higher education, can be registered as borrowers against production of a health insurance card. Your health insurance card will function as your borrower’s card.

By registering, the borrower undertakes to comply with existing rules.


The person who is registered as having borrowed material is liable for the borrowed material and is responsible for it being returned to the Library undamaged.
The borrower has a duty to notify changes in postal and email addresses to the Library; the borrower is also responsible for settling any accounts before he or she leaves Denmark permanently or for a longer period of time.

Loan periods

The loan period is one month for books, and 14 days for DVDs and magazines. DVDs are available for borrowing only to students and employees at the Aarhus School of Architecture.

Books from the reference library, the most recent issues of periodicals, as well as particularly expensive or rare material are not on loan.

The loan period can be extended up to six times, unless the material is reserved for another borrower. Researchers and teachers as well as final semester graduate students may extend their loan periods up to eight times.

Interlibrary loans

The Library is happy to obtain books and articles from other libraries for you.

Materials from other libraries are subject to the rules stated here and to any additional rules laid down by the lending library.


If borrowed materials are not returned before the due date, a fee is payable. The amount of the fee is determined by the due date – see below.

If several materials are returned after the due date, either at different times or with different due dates, a fee will be charged as per the due date.

Fees are determined in accordance with the following:

  • Exceeding due date: 20 DKK
  • Exceeding due date by more than 7 days: 50 DKK
  • Exceeding due date by more than 30 days: 50 DKK + replacement costs
  • If unpaid after 3 months, the claim is sent to debt collection through the Financial Administration Agency. The charge will be as above + a fee to the FAA.

Lost or damaged materials

For lost or damaged materials which have not yet been recalled, the borrower will only be charged with the replacement costs. The borrower may ask for a bill on his or her own initiative, otherwise the Library sends a bill after having recalled the borrowed material a second time. The bill is payable to the Aarhus School of Architecture – not to the Library.

Replacement costs equals the cost of the material, a charge for preparing the material for use of DKK 100 per unit, as well as an administration fee of DKK 150 per case.

Exclusion from the library

Exclusion or limitations in the right to use the Library will be imposed if a borrower owes more than DKK 200.

During ongoing collection proceedings, a user’s rights to use the Library may also be restricted.

Borrowers can also be excluded on the grounds of having displayed undesirable behaviour, or if they repeatedly fail to return borrowed materials before the due date.

Regulations apply from 1 January 2014.