Internationalisation Funds

Apply for funds to your studies abroad

The school has allocated funds that can be granted to students who are undertaking an internship, a period of study abroad or for necessary travels abroad in connection with your graduation project.

Grants for covering costs are distributed to students as follows, listed in order of priority:

  • Students who are undertaking an internship or a period of study outside of the EU (as they cannot receive financial support from the Erasmus programme). Students who have necessary travels in connection with their graduation project
  • Students who are undertaking an internship or a period of study abroad, within the EU (if they receive financial support from the Erasmus programme, this is taken into consideration)
  • Students who are undertaking an internship or a period of external studies in Denmark – those are only granted financial support under special circumstances

Support is individually granted based on filling in the form below. Costs must be documented.

How to apply

You apply on the basis of documented costs, including – but not necessarily limited to – a copy of housing contract, receipts for rent paid (copy of bank transfer), documented transport costs etc.

If you apply before your stay abroad, you must enclose a budget for your stay. In that case, the grant will be given in the form of a pledge of financial support. Please note that this pledge cannot result in a grant that exceeds the actual documented costs.

It is only possible to apply once for each stay abroad.

Your application must contain

  • A brief description of your stay abroad, its duration and destination
  • Accounts for your stay, at first without documentation. Documentation is only required once you have received a grant.
  • For external studies at educational institutions (i.e. not internships), a letter of admission must be enclosed
  • How you have profited by/expect to profit from your stay
  • Documentation of other pledged financial support for foundations etc., if any.
  • Special circumstances you wish us to consider when dealing with your application
  • In case of applying for funds in connection with the final project (graduation), your supervisor must be able to verify the travel. We will contact the supervisor if needed.


The deadline for funds applications is 1 February 2018.