Study abroad application

How to apply for a semester abroad

If you wish to go on a study abroad experience you have to take the following steps:

  • Prepare a portfolio, which can be sent digitally, that you can provide upon request only (Do not send the portfolio with your application). The portfolio will be requested if there is a high demand for spaces at your chosen university.
  • Send your application to Jørgen Helstrup 6 months before your planned departure. Specific application deadlines are listed below.

Application deadlines

  • 1 January the year before you wish to go abroad

Application for credit transfer

As your study abroad semester will contribute to your Danish education, it is crucial that the courses you complete abroad can be transferred to your education at the Aarhus School of Architecture. This is also a condition for taking your SU (Danish student grants) with you abroad. Different rules apply, depending on the level of your education and the type of study abroad experience you choose.

Bachelor students

If you choose to study at one of our partnering universities, you do not need to apply for transfer credit. Having a partnering agreement with the university means that we have already approved their courses and structure.

However, it is important that you enrol in courses within the subject areas you would have taken in the same semester at Aarhus School of Architecture. This means you cannot enrol in courses in e.g. literature and golf. You have to take courses within the field of architecture.

If you choose to study abroad at a university we do not have a partnering agreement with, you have to apply for transfer of credit for the courses you wish to enrol in, before going abroad.

You apply for credit transfer by printing and completing a transfer credit application form. The International Coordinator can help you complete the form. Along with your application form, you have to submit course descriptions for the courses you wish to enrol in.

It is a good idea to apply for credit transfer for more courses than you will take abroad, in case you do not get into your top priority courses. Your application and appendices must be handed to the Education Secretariat, Nørreport 20.

Master Students

You have to submit a prior approval to the Education Secretariat in which your current studio supervisor approves your going abroad.