How we teach

Problem-oriented project work is the central element of our programmes, and it reflects the practice and the active character of the profession. We work with architectonic problem complexes that relate to society around us.

Studying at the Aarhus School of Architecture differs from many other types of education. Project work is carried out in dialogue with your teachers and fellow students and requires you to spend much time in the studios.

Read more about the student’s work life in the studios (article in Danish).




Assignments and projects end with evaluations during which teachers and students discuss the working process and its result. This allows you to develop your abilities to interpret, analyse, put a complex problem into perspective and prioritise.

The school offers high-quality fabrication facilities that enables the students to develop a great variety of skills and a strong understanding of practice.

Read more about how the students use the workshop facilities (article in Danish).

Work is performed both individually and in groups. You will be able to try out your cooperative skills and take part in innovative, interdisciplinary projects.