Application FAQ

May/should I send the entire application by regular mail?
No. We accept only applications sent electronically.

May I send a larger portfolio/more recommendations than described?

I am a Danish national with foreign application credentials. Must I apply as an international student?
Yes. This procedure must be used by all applicants who have been, or are currently, studying with the aim of receiving non-Danish educational credentials.

Should the transcript be sent both in the original language and translated?
Yes, we would like to receive both versions.

May I email my recommendations to you instead of attaching them to the application?
You may, but in our experience many recommendations do not reach us until after the evaluation has been carried out. We cannot stop the process in order to await a single recommendation. Sending recommendations by email is an option you should avoid, as we cannot guarantee that the recommendation will be paired with you application due to the large number of applications we receive.

How many do you accept?
There is no fixed number; however, we have previously accepted approximately 20 applicants.

I have not completed my Bachelor’s programme, can I still apply?
Yes, if you are on the final year of your programme and expect to obtain your Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) by semester start (01 September).

May I send my language proficiency documentation by mail through the provider?
Yes. You may probably not find us on the mailing lists of the test providers, but if so, just send it to us by regular mail.

Do you offer financial support?