Selection process

The selection process basically consists of two procedures:

1. Shortlisting the number of applications

The process of shortlisting the applications will consist of an evaluation of your academic background, transcript and recommendations. This process is expected to take about one month depending on the number of applications received. Applicants who are not shortlisted will be notified about this during the shortlisting period or by the end of it, again depending on the number of applications.

In this process, we will be looking at the relevance of the credentials on the basis of which you apply. If we have any questions about your application, you will be contacted.

2. Academic evaluation of your portfolio

In the application, we ask you to choose three (3) studios as if you were to choose today based on the available descriptions.

Each studio will select representatives among the teaching staff who will evaluate your portfolio. By adding your choices of studios, we make sure that our evaluation is fair, academic comprehensive and unbiased as your portfolio will be assessed by a broad selection of the teaching staff.

The teaching staff are not allowed to contact you directly, but must go through the international coordinator.

The studio selection will last about one month depending on the number of shortlisted applications. Hereafter, all applicants will be notified about the evaluation outcome.

Please note that the selection of studios by you serves as a guiding element only and that you are not obliged to choose the same studios upon programme start.

Read more about application guidelines and portfolio requirements:


Given the fact that we expect to reject at least 90 % of all applicants, depending on the precise number of applications, we will be sending rejection notices to many of our applicants. We are sorry about this, and we are certain that many of the rejectees would be able to meet the programme requirements.

The reason for the limited number of accepted students are the physical constraints. We simply do not have the necessary facilities to accept all qualified students.

Given the method of evaluating the applications and the sheer number of applicants, we are unable to give precise reasons for our rejection. We understand and appreciate the desire to know the precise reason, but unfortunately, we cannot offer this service.