About our Master’s Degree Programme

Our Master’s Degree Programme is based on an artistic and scientific approach to architecture. The main subject areas of the programme are planning, architecture and design.

As a master degree student you will achieve the mastery of space, form, composition and materiality at different levels of scale. And you will get your hands on practical applications, functions, constructions, materials and legal requirements.


Master students preparing for an exhibition in Milan.

The teaching

Fall semester 2016 will introduce a new teaching structure at the school. Teaching will be centred around three new teaching programmes which are applicable to both Bachelor and Master students.

Our teaching is based on individual supervision and close dialogue between teachers and students. Our professors and teachers are very much present in the studios, making it easy for you to enter into dialogue about projects and receive feedback on your work.

The Master’s Degree Programme is a highly individual study, which means that you have to manage your own projects and their artistic development work, although you will naturally receive supervision.