Student accommodations in Aarhus

Finding a place to live is an important part of starting a new life as a student.

Aarhus is a university city, and with 12,000 new students each year, accommodations are in great demand.

There are, however, affordable accommodations for all students who want to study in Aarhus. Aarhus Municipality offers a housing guarantee scheme (boliggarantien), which guarantees accommodations to all new students who begin their studies in the fall semester.

If you register for the housing guarantee scheme, you are guaranteed an accommodation no later than 1 January the following year.

Startup Housing

Startup Housing provides temporary housing for new students who urgently need accommodations in the fall semester.

Guest and exchange students

If you are a guest or exchange student, the school offers special accommodations for you.


Do you need help finding accommodations? Please contact Thomas Falkenberg Svendsen.