Themes and Places

140 students working with projects in the Central Denmark Region

Under the heading Architecture Moves, 140 master students will be working with several themes and places in the Central Denmark Region. All projects will be exhibited in August and September in Vennelystparken during Aarhus Festival Week and RISING Architecture Week.

Mobility and urban development

New and faster means of transportation shorten distances measured in time but also increase mobility. What impact will this have on tomorrow’s habitation and urban development in the Central Denmark Region? We clarify this issue based on three widely different localities: Bording, Funder and Holstebro. The projects, which are carried out in collaboration with BL, The Danish Social Housing Sector, aim at rethinking the public housing of the future.

Slagteriet i Funder (725x442)

A former slaughterhouse in Funder turns into housing.

Adaptable villages

How can we enable villages to both shrink and grow while retaining their ability to function? The project is based on five towns in the municipalities of Favrskov and Syddjurs: Lim, Lyngå, Skader, Skjød and Skørring.

Habitation and food production

How can we make the rural areas of the future attractive to their current residents and also attract new residents? Taking the village of Barrit in the Municipality of Hedensted as starting point, we work, among other things, with the possibility of creating a new food production.

Barrit Borgermøde 2 (b 800 px)

A public meeting in Barrit.

Building technologies and digital fabrication

A mapping of Anholt’s topography is visualised through several digitally produced models. These models are subsequently transformed into designs used for constructing a pavilion that will be erected in Vennelystparken.

Anholt (352x352)

Anholt’s topography transformed into a digitally produced model.

Utopias and rethinking

The focus here is directed at the current environmental challenges and the need for sustainable solutions. Through architectural experiments and various scenarios, the conventions of society and the architectural profession are challenged. Several utopias are proposed to help us rethink.

Utopi 1 (h 600)

Student Alexandra-Georgiana Dumitras: Liberal.

Utopi 2 (H 600)

Student Victor Moldoveanu: The Ministry of Ocean Wisdom.

Utopi 3 (h 600)

Student Erik Bean: THE GRAND TOUR OF EUtopia.

Letters to the Parliament

Another project which is included in Architecture Moves and which will be presented at the exhibition in Vennelystparken is Letters to the Parliament. A project which involves students and architects expressing their knowledge, commitment and visions, and writing a personal letter to a minister or a member of the Danish Parliament containing ideas, inspiration and suggestions for a new architecture.


The letters will be collected as a catalogue of ideas and exhibited in connection with the opening of RISING Architecture Week on 11 September – an event in which students, architects and politicians participate and discuss some of the submitted proposals.