Assessments Of Master Projects

Timetable spring semester 2018

Would you like to experience a Master project assessment? Then you have the chance from 18 to 27 June 2018, where the final projects of the school’s graduating students (spring semester 2018) will be assessed. The assessments will be held in parallel at different locations at the school. Assessments are open to the public.

In the timetable below, you can see project title of all graduation projects and time and date. Unfortunately, we can not provide the name of the students.



This year it is possible to see the Master students’ summarised reports in the Library before the Master project assessments. Take a look at the reports, find inspiration, and figure out which Master project assessments you would like to attend.

The summarised reports can be seen in the library until 22 June. After the summer they will return to the library permanently.