Architecture and Climate (-change)

Lectures on sustainability. Next lecture 20 March at 12.45

Professor Walter Unterrainer presents 8 lectures on sustainability.

The next lecture is 20 March in ‘Gymnastiksalen’, Paradisgade 4-6 at 12.45:

Architecture and climate (-change)

Like in this installation of artist Isaac Cordal ´Politicians Debating Global Warming´, architects rather tend to talk about sustainable architecture.

Let´s look for ways to contribute to a substantial sustainable architecture which reduces the output of greenhouse gases from buildings and which is resilient to climate shocks.


image _architecture and climate change

Titles and dates of the lectures:

  • 06 February: Architecture and Sustainability – an Introduction
  • 27 February: Architecture and Water
  • 06 March: Architecture and Air
  • 13 March: Architecture and Biodiversity
  • 20 March: Architecture and Climate (-change)
  •  17 April: Architecture and Energy
  •  24 April: Architecture and Land Use
  • 08 May: Architecture and Material Resources / Waste

All lectures are held in ‘Gymnastiksalen’, Paradisgade 4-6, at 12.45. Everyone is welcome!