A memorable day

Impressions from graduation day 3 February

Happy graduates, proud parents and relieved friends. Graduation day on 3 February was indeed a great event for all involved.

The audience applauded the 42 new architects as they got their diplomas and a lucky few were awarded grants for their graduation projects.

The graduation exhibition opened and received much deserved praise for the visionary, engaging and even beautiful projects.

Special thanks to the huge crowd that turned up and made the graduation a day to remember.


Watching the graduation ceremony from within reach of the champagne.


Edvard Lindblom received a Vola travel grant for his graduation project ‘Guesthouse for a poem – Silence turned into matter’.


To the sound of a cheering crowd, Mathias Skafte Andersen receives his diploma.



All the graduate students are presented on individual postcards for proud parents and potential employers to keep.


A huge crowd turned up to explore the graduation projects and meet the new architects.


A fellow student admires Hildegunn Grønningsæter’s graduation project ‘Bath in An Abandoned Quarry’.