Our vision – Engaging Through Architecture

April 2015 - Rector's blog

We want to commit ourselves to solving the challenges in society. Our approach is to educate architects who can contribute to solving the major challenges we face. These challenges, to a large extent, relate to transformation, sustainability and habitation; three themes which are interdependent and complementary.

Architects must be able to raise important questions. Not least, they must be able to ask the fundamental question:  WHY?

Is solving the task at hand relevant? Who will benefit from it? Who will gain from it? Is it ethically sustainable?  Could we do more? Might the task be solved differently, or better?


Artistic, scientific and based on practice

Our education includes three equally important approaches to architecture:  an artistic approach, a scientific approach and an approach based in practice. These approaches are equally important and constitute the knowledge base of our research and teaching. It is based on this that our graduates can help change the world and our physical environment.

Transformation, Sustainability and Habitation

Our towns and cities are undergoing major changes – this makes it necessary to re-think and come up with radical solutions that are sustainable and can also preserve existing qualities and develop new qualities that will benefit the inhabitants of our urban areas. Therefore we focus on the transformation of our urban areas and buildings, on habitation and on sustainability. We want to engage in society through the production of architecture.