Niels Eli Kjær Thomsen

Le Corbusier and dwelling - An investigation of asceticism in architecture

Graduation June 2017

This thesis project focuses on Le Corbusier’s unmatched ambition for collective housing and revisits a specific line of thought of Le Corbusier: namely how the Certosa del Galluzzo inspired him to create the Unite d’Habitation in Marseille.


Niels Eli Kjær Thomsen. Email: Tel: +45 28 12 84 95.

The analysis of this line of thought is structured around the term asceticism. Asceticism is used as an architectural instrument for proposing a collective housing complex in Aarhus.

It is the argument of this project that ascetic practices are not concerned with an understanding of God but is a program for what Le Corbusier describes as the harmonious organization of individual life and collective life, mutually strengthening one another.

This interrelationship determined Le Corbusier’s approach to architecture in general – from Le Cabanon to Ville Contemporaine.

This project does not seek to present general connections in his works, the aim of the project is to use a specific point in architectural history actively in the process of proposing a new building.