Mathias Skafte Andersen

On page Online On show - Constructing an architectural book as a site for critical practice

Graduation February 2017

Books and architecture have long been connected in a mutually beneficial relationship. In the pages of treatises, manifestos and catalogues, architects have found spaces to engage in critical discourses and develop architectural ideas.


Mathias Skafte Andersen

At the same time, the unique design approaches that architects have contributed to the discipline of book making have had major impacts on the book format.

Architecture is a discipline that is anchored in the physical environment, whether on a page, in a city, or in a landscape. Currently, there is an increasing polarisation between the physical and digital domains, meaning that the way architecture is communicated online and experienced offline have little in common.

Through research and 1:1 experimentation, this project investigates the archetypical book as a site for critical practice in architecture. Considering the book as a physical object in a digital context, the project navigates this condition by means of graphic strategies, structural concepts, interviews, and writings.

The outcome of the project is a book entitled On Page Online On Show.